Collaborative Groups

Working Groups and Task Forces are essential to raising the security posture of the space sector. In the Space ISAC, we offer members participation in exclusive groups to share ideas and experiences, to network and conduct information exchange. We all come together to protect the space mission.

Communities of Interest

Small Sat Community of Interest

The Small-Sat Community of Interest is established as a virtual forum of small-satellite owners, operators and service providers. Commercial and government experts collaborate to identify, analyze, and develop mitigation strategies for the small-satellite industry.

Open to: Members and Partners

ZTA & Blockchain Community of Interest

Members Only
This member group comes together to learn, investigate, and further understand blockchain knowledge and applications for space.

Open to: Members and Partners

AI/ML Community of Interest

This group serves to support the ethical use of emerging technologies for the development, deployment, operation, maintenance, and protection of space infrastructure.

Open to: Members and Partners

Workforce Development Community of Interest

The Workforce COI will curate the needs and associated education and training portfolio, relevant to space systems cyber physical security, for the space workforce over 1 to 10-year horizons.

Open to: Members and Partners

Working Groups

Information Sharing Working Group

The Information Sharing Working Group is a permanent working group authorized and established by the Board of Directors responsible for direction and oversight of the Space Watch Center, developing policies and best practices.

Open to: Members Only

Analyst Working Group

The Analyst Working Group is a permanent working group for sharing threat intelligence regularly. This is the first group to get the call to a threat or crisis action. Intelligence Liaison Officers in the AWG are trained prior to onboarding.

Open to: Members Only Members and Partners

Supply Chain Risk Management Working Group

This group comes together to engage other SCRM forums, develop a connected effort to gain visibility into the supply chain and to promote a trusted supplier network.

Open to: Members and Partners

Task Forces

SPD-5 Task Force

In response to the release of Space Policy Directive-5, Space ISAC members are working to develop best practices and standards for cybersecurity for the space community through the SPD-5 Task Force. This will ultimately help members plan for and develop robust cyber security defenses and maintain higher levels of readiness.

Open to: Members only

Exercise Task Force

The Tabletop Exercise Task Force focuses on creating crisis exercises in which members gather to talk about notional scenarios featuring a cybersecurity incident in space, led by a facilitator.

Open to: Members only

CVL Pre Committee Task Force

Convenes members who wish to help work towards Phase I Cyber Vulnerability Lab objectives.

Open to: Members only

PR&D Task Force

Members meet to support Space ISAC’s marketing related to PR and digital strategy.

Open to: Members only

Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) Task Force

This group is actively working to bring Space ISAC into compliance for a CMMC Level and concurrently seeking to bring members more insight into the process for CMMC. We’ve conducted webinars and opened a resources page on the Space ISAC website. The member portal will also contain resources for CMMC in the coming months.

Open to: Members only

Space Symposium Task Force

The Space Symposium Task Force contains Space ISAC members and partners and serves to create and disseminate promotional and informational content pertaining to the annual Space Symposium, as well as support member efforts.

Open to: Members only

Space ISAC Summit Task Force

Members assist to develop the agenda and working sessions for the annual Space ISAC Value of Space Summit (VOSS).

Open to: Members only

STRIKE (Space Threat Resource and Intelligence Knowledge Exchange) Task Force

Comprised of cyber security for space subject matter experts (SMEs) and aims to explore how Space ISAC will identify, characterize, and map data points for cybersecurity activity related to space systems. This group meets as needed.

Open to: Members only

If you are interested in joining a Working Group or Task Force, Contact

Affinity Groups

Cislunar affinity Group

Members and government partners meet as current and future cislunar space actors to identify challenges and recommend solutions. Discussions raise awareness on the need for solutions in cislunar space.

Open to: Members and Partners


Members and government partners meet to facilitate collaboration and coordination among the commercial remote sensing community. (*Coming soon Q1 2024)

Open to: Members Only

Space ISAC Newsletter

CMMC Resource Feedback

We’d like to hear your thoughts, questions, and feedback on our CMMC resources so we can continue to update and improve our resource library for the community!

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